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At Hand Therapy Inc., we provide comprehensive upper extremity rehabilitation services. This includes making custom braces to decrease pain and/ or to support structures following a fracture or other injury which requires immobilization. We asses to identify structures which are causing pain and develop/ implement a plan to decrease it. We prescribe exercise and activities to increase strength , endurance, and range of motion, as well as to normalize the balance between muscle groups, and to maximize the normal movement of tendons and nerves. We maintain a close relationship with the referring surgeons/ general practitioners in an attempt to attain the best outcomes possible.

Ergonomic Assessment
We perform evaluations of individuals and their work stations to make recommendations of ergonomic techniques and equipment to allow a worker to perform duties without pain.

Functional Capacity Evaluations
We work with the Department of Labor and Industries and other entities to help to identify whether an injured worker can perform duties required for a specific job, and to make recommendations to assist the worker to be successful with their return to work.

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